Easily edit your thumbnails to look clickable and get more views & subscribers to your channel with this unique Thumbnail Templates for Photoshop
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10 YouTube Thumbnail Templates Pack V2.0
Pre-made templates for Photoshop and Photopea
Step Up Your YouTube Game Today!
10 Unique YouTube Thumbnail Templates V2.0
Get more views & increase CTR
10 templates designed to make your thumbnails look professional and exclusive, get advantage with that eye-catching glow effect to make your channel truly stand out even more with these new V2.0 designs!

This templates pack includes:
- 10 easy-customizable thumbnail templates Photoshop files (PSD) with a unique design
10 Thumbnail Templates V2.0
- A video tutorial showing you how to use templates in Photoshop on desktop. Easy step-by-step tutorial for absolute beginners on how to replace the photo with yours and add that glow effect, how to change text, font, colors, etc. to create a thumbnail for your videos
Step-by Step Video Tutorial
- Design assets library to customize your thumbnails with your own vision, includes backgrounds, dust effects, smoke, camera lens blur, etc.
The Library of Design Assets
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Do I need to have the paid version of Photoshop to use these templates?
Yes, but you can use free online software Photopea to use these templates too. Basically follow the same steps as in Photoshop to get the same result. But I suggest you to use Photoshop
I've never used Adobe Photoshop or Photopea before and don't know much about photo editing. Will that be a problem?
Not at all! These templates are designed to make your life easier when it comes to editing your YouTube thumbnail. With an easy step-by-step tutorial that's going to be available after purchase, I'm gonna walk you through everything you need to know to fully customize your thumbnail.
Can I get a refund after purchase?
Sure! You get 30-day money-back guarantee
Can I share these presets with my friends?
Any unauthorized distribution of these Photoshop templates by Arti Creator is prohibited and will be met with legal action. Please keep the templates to yourself and just tell your friends where they can get their own copy!
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