Learn how to get millions of views on YouTube with the video editing course from Arti Creator, the professional video editor who represents the Top 3% of the best freelance video editors and works with multi-million followers influencers
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From script
to post-production,
to millions of views
YouTube Video Editing Course:
Video Editing can do more than you think
Video Editing can do more than you think
What’s Inside?
Step-by-step videos would help you understand the video editing process - from producing the video and writing the script, to post-production in software - Premiere Pro, Final Cut, After Effects - and other video editing techniques
lessons — step-by-step videos
We will break down different styles of videos in the most popular YouTube niches - vlogs, game content, beauty, tech reviews, educational videos / tutorials. That way, you’d understand what to do for your channel
types of videos
It’s a complete in-depth course on what really matters to get views on YouTube. I learnt a lot with my own channel and those of my clients, so I can give you a summary of what you need
hours of content
— step-by-step videos
My clients got 1,000,000+ subscribers and 100,000,000+ views on YouTube on the videos I had edited.
Clients I work with usually grow by 3 - 6 times a year
Arti Creator - course author
More than 8,000 students have enrolled in my courses and products
I represent the Top 3% of the best freelancers in the world on Upwork
Professional YouTube Video Editor, YouTuber
Who Is This Course For?
When you upload a lot of content weekly for a long time, but hardly anybody watches it
Uploading a lot, but not getting views?
Editing day by day and thinking "this video is a masterpiece", but after uploading, you have just your parents', and maybe a cat's views - that’s sad
Spent a few days editing, but got 0 views?
Well, it is. Writing tags, making cool titles and thumbnails sometimes just doesn’t work without proper video editing
You think the problem is not in video editing
To be a PRO in video editing, and video editing for YouTube, are two entirely different things - see you on the other side
I’m a PRO in video editing, but somehow don’t have views
You understand how to write a script, so people would watch the video 'till the end
You know how to edit videos in Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro well
You know how to add graphics, intros / endings, custom titles in Adobe After Effects, without creating it by yourself and just using templates
You know the minimum set-up for your YouTube videos to be watchable: camera, microphone, lights
You understand how to make viewers keep watching your video from the start 'till the end
You implement the same techniques as a million fellow YouTubers and use these on your channel
Video script
Step-by-step guide on how to write a script for any video
Script techniques that Hollywood uses in any movie: Avengers breakdown
How to make people watch from
the start to the end
Gear set-up for YouTube: camera, microphone, lights
Requirements to record a YouTube video: 3 levels of YouTube gear set-up by price
YouTube video breakdown
Breakdown of the video editing in 5 different niches: vlogs, tech reviews, beauty, games, education / tutorials
How to get millions of views with the help of your multi-million YouTube competitors
Video Editing: Premiere Pro,
Final Cut Pro, etc.
How to use stock videos, royalty-free music and audio effects
How to edit videos in Premiere Pro, Final Cut and any other video editing program. Tutorials for 5 different niches: vlogs, tech reviews, beauty, games, education / tutorials
How to add effects, intros/endings, custom titles, lower thirds, and other graphics in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro for beginners
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